4-18-13 My Word of the Day is Ordinary Care

Ordinary care is defined as: means that the bailee will be liable if negligent  in some way.

Example: a mutual-benefit bailment, in which consideration is given and received both bailor and bailee, invokes surty of ordinary care.

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4-17-13 My Word of the Day is Job Description

Job Description is defined as: an abstract of a job analysis containing the classification of and requirements for a job, used in hiring and placing prospective employees.
Example: Job description refers to the required tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, and reporting structure required for jobs. Typically, job descriptions are used especially for advertising to fill an open position, determining compensation and as a basis for performance reviews. Salary surveys are always based on descriptions and specifications.
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4-11-13 My Word of the Day is Tangible and Intangible

Tangible personal property is something that has physical form.

Intangible personal property comprises anything that does not have physical form.

Example: A car is considered tangible property, while knowledge you have about that car is considered intangible property.

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4-10-13 My Word of the Day is Skilled Labor Vs. Unskilled Labor

Skilled labor is defined as: labor that requires special training for its satisfactory performance.
Unskilled labor is defined as: work that requires practically no training or experience for its adequate or competent performance.
Example: Skilled labor requires certain specific knowledge is that field, whereas unskilled labor doesn’t.
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4-4-13 My Word of the Day is Copyrights

A copyright protects the expression of a creative works, such as the work of an author, artist, or composer.

Example: Certain artists have copyrights to protect their work from getting stolen.

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4-3-13 My Word of the Day is Floorplan

Definition:A floor plan is a simple line drawing showing rooms as though seen from above. Walls, doorways, and windows are often drawn to scale.

Example: When shopping for house plans or building plans, you may study the floor plans to see how rooms are arranged. However, a floor plan is not a blueprint or a construction plan. To build a house, you need a complete set of construction plans that will include floor plans, cross-section drawings, electrical plans, elevation drawings, and many other types of diagrams

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4-2-13 My Word of the Property

Property is defined as: the rights and interests we recognize in one another in tangible and intangible things.

Example: Buying a house is a wise investment, property will always retain value.

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